Easy organizing
Organizing with a professional organizer is the next step after tidying up. Once space has been created in your house, you can move on from there. For example, you can finally turn the spare room into an inviting guest room. And take pride in it!
But organizing can also mean that you take on new habits and no longer stack up dirty cups and plates until they topple over—you wash them up the same day. Opening the mail immediately, marking bin collection day on the calendar and thinking up a weekly menu are simple actions that can make the difference between order and chaos.
Rearranging furniture, such as moving a cupboard out of the way, or hanging up a blackboard where you keep a shopping list during the week, are also in my book of easy organizing.
With such low-key adjustments, together we streamline your household in such a way that it costs you only a little effort. Life without stress!


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