Why tidy up?
Being surrounded by things that are in the way is simply inconvenient. It is hugely irritating if you always have to shift stuff out of the way before you can get started. Especially if there are so many things that you can't find them again afterwards, or if drawers and doors no longer close.       
Being surrounded by things you don’t enjoy, is a shame. William Morris said it long ago: Don't have anything in your house that you don't know is useful, or that you don't think is beautiful.
You can also be surrounded by things that bring back bad memories. Those are great to get rid off! You are no longer reminded of it every time it catches your eye.
And as with stuff you no longer use, such as sports equipment or hobby items, you get a nagging feeling when you run into them again in the house, because you no longer go to the gym or did not finish that craft project.
Tidying up, if done properly, can change your life. It can take away guilt, draw a line under things, it helps you to say goodbye to events that happened in your life. It has a therapeutic effect.
It can also enable you to get in touch with old friends, because you were so happy to find that postcard or photo again. Giving your grandmother's knick knacks a new place feels wonderful. And who knows, you might feel like finishing that project now that you have dusted it off, or reading that book you thought someone had borrowed.
Decluttering gives you peace and space, and you will notice that you have more time and energy to invest in other—better—things. What will it bring you?


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